Fondation Indépendance by BIL

The Fondation Independance by BIL was created in 1999, the year Luxembourg was European City of Culture, by the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg. Its objective is to promote art and culture, in particular contemporary creation, through its different forms of expression.

Since the first vernissage entitled "Luxembourg Artists of Today" the BIL has financed exhibitions of renowned Luxembourg artists (Dany Prüm, Patricia Lippert, or Robert Brandy) but also of foreign artists.

In addition to its economic commitment, the BIL has developed over the years a real policy of openness to art and culture. This commitment can be seen in :

  • The acquisition of works by major Luxembourg artists such as Gust Graas, François Gillen or Roger Bertemes.
  • The BIL collection is exhibited on the bank's headquarters.
  • The organization of exhibitions in its agencies, in the gallery L'Indépendance, (at the headquarters) and in the Heintz Park.
  • BIL has exhibited the works of renowned artists such as Keith Haring, Rafael Springer or Fernand Roda and presented group exhibitions of renowned contemporary artists.
  • Support for musical events and musicians.

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9.00 - 17.00

+352 45 90 29 83
+352 45 90 1

  • 69 Route d'Esch
    2953 Luxembourg
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