Elise Grenois, "titre indéterminé - espace adapté (tête d’ovin)", Bronze, 2020

Elise Grenois

Indefinite Title - adapted space (Sheep's head) , 2020

Bronze, single print

Materialized only by the framework of their formwork, the "Indefinite Title - adapted space" are both a set of imaginary casts, and spaces allowing mental projection. Sheep's head, wild boars, ... the indication of what they contain is specified in their respective captions. The sculpture is a bronze print of the seal originally modeled in wax. The lost wax and its direct bronze melting does not cause any appreciable loss of shape. However, this choice is not only technical. Bronze is a printing material associated with classical sculpture. By choosing to scrap the molding process, it is part of the duration and history of the representations that surround this iconic material.

37 x 34 x 27 cm

2 900,00 €