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Salon du CAL 2020

The Salon du CAL is a contemporary art exhibition appraised by an international jury. It offers an overview of the current creation of Luxembourg and the creation of foreign guest artists.

This exhibition is open to all fields of the visual arts and techniques, without any aesthetic trends and currents discrimination, as long as the works meet the requirements of artistic quality, research, innovation, and originality.

Exhibitors from past years:
201920182017 | 2016 | 2015

Opening Hours
Wed, Sat, Su 10am–7pm
Mo, Tue, Thu, Fri 2pm–7pm
Exceptionally during Luxembourg Art Week, the CAL exhibition changes its opening hours and will open from 2pm to 7pm on 18.11.2020, from 2pm to 28pm on 20.11.2020, from 10am to 8pm on 21.11.2020 and from 10am to 6pm on 22.11.2020.

Guided Tours
01.11.2020, 11am English Guided Tour
01.11.2020, 3pm Luxembourgish Guided Tour
07.11.2020, 11am French Guided Tour
08.11.2020, 11am Luxembourgish Guided Tour
10.11.2020, 3pm Friends of Museums Guided Tour
14.11.2020, 11am French Guided Tour
15.11.2020, 11am Luxembourgish Guided Tour
21.11.2020, 11am French Guided Tour
21.11.2020, 3pm Luxembourgish Guided Tour
22.11.2020, 11am English Guided Tour
22.11.2020, 3pm German Guided Tour

Guided tours by registration only:

More information:

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