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Exhibitor Focus 2020


  • Bruxelles, Anvers, Ostende
  • Booth E02

CAPS (Contemporary Art Projects) is an artistic platform created after the closure of CypresGalerie in Leuven, where the team was in charge of the daily management and artistic interpretation from 2009 to 2013. With this experience, CAPS defines itself as a platform for visual art with particular attention to Belgian artists, from emerging talents, mid-career artists, and renowned artists. CAPS manifests itself as a nomadic initiative which settles in various places in Flanders and Brussels and often develops temporary initiatives in collaboration with other organisations/galleries. CAPS is directed by Paul Poelmans, an independent musician and art connoisseur who likes to share his passion for contemporary art with the public.

+322 27 59 80 97

  • Bruxelles

    Temporary Spaces, Nomadic Gallery
    1000 Bruxelles

  • Anvers

    Temporary Spaces, Nomadic Gallery
    2000 Anvers

  • Ostende

    Temporary Spaces, Nomadic Gallery
    8400 Ostende

Featured artists

Yves Beaumont, Peggy Wauters

Represented artists

Stijn Bastianen, Yves Beaumont, Kris Campo, Sarah Carlier, George De Decker, Jan De Wachter, Hans Defer, Luc Mabille, Edith Ronse, Sigrid Tanghe, Camille Truyffaut, Hanne Van Rompaey, Jan Vandenplas, Chris Vanderschaeghe, Colin Waeghe, Peggy Wauters, Lisa Wilkens, Giovanni Winne, Tom Woestenborghs