Exhibitor Main section 2021

VCRB Gallery

  • Antwerpen
  • Booth C01

Set on representing the beauty and strangeness of everyday life, gallery VC&R, located in Antwerp and Knokke, stands for the kind of contemporary figuration that reconciles tradition with innovation.

The gallery maintains a diverse exhibition programme, from monumental bronze sculptures to realistic painting, with a virtuoso technique and seductive materiality at the heart of it.

The works show by gallery VC&R are both intellectually exciting and aesthetically appealing, challenging the definitions of painting, sculpture and photography. They are intriguing, being just that little bit different (an unexpected use of colour, an innocent-looking aberration...), and possess a strong poetic quality and a sense of humour that is contagious.

As passionate art lovers, the gallery team have an unquenchable appetite for authentic aesthetic experiences. They also like to share their ‘coup de coeurs’ and take their collectors on a sensual voyage of discovery.

  • 14, De Burburestraat
    2000 Antwerpen
+32 3 294 06 62
+32 475 34 82 38