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Galerie Hervé Bize

  • Nancy
  • Booth C15

Since its creation in Nancy 32 years ago (Hervé Bize was 22), the gallery has pioneered contemporary art in the East of France. Its activity has been shared between two poles: one linked to its geographical position, close to the Centre Pompidou-Metz and equidistant from Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and Basel, and the other in New York where numerous projects have been developped since 2007. The gallery constantly draws attention to artists of different generations in order to build a dialogue between processes created in different places and at different moments in the history of contemporary art, but which, through the choice of varied media, find common grounds of approach and experimentation. From 2009 to 2020, Hervé Bize presented exhibitions, solo or thematic, at international art fairs such as The Armory Show, New York, Art Basel, Basel, Frieze New York, FIAC Paris, Paris Internationale, Independent New York and Brussels, Zona Maco Mexico, Expo Chicago, Art Los Angeles Contemporary or Artgenève.

  • 17-19, rue Gambetta
    54000 Nancy
+33 3 83 30 17 31