Exhibitor Take Off 2021


  • Metz
  • Booth D07

Founded in 2011, the Modulab gallery hosts in Metz artists and collectives from both the French and foreign emerging scene whose approaches question the field of drawing, installation and multiple. Its purpose is to promote contemporary creation and to bring together artists, curators, art critics, publishers, institutions, partners and the public. Modulab strengthens and brings together in this collective project the skills, operating methods and tools necessary to highlight the work of emerging artists. In addition to its programme of exhibitions on its premises, the gallery develops and collaborates on many projects outside the walls: in institutional contemporary art spaces, but also in interstitial and off-beat spaces. Since 2015, the gallery participates in international events (Drawing Now Art Fair Paris edition 10#11#12 and 13, Luxembourg Art Week, SOON Paris, Art Paris 2020).
In addition, Modulab publishes and distributes a number of artists' multiples in the form of portfolios and prints. These editions are regularly acquired, particularly in the network of French and Belgian art libraries. Over the years, the gallery has been clarifying its artistic project and aspires to have a real presence both in the Greater Region and across borders Today, its aspiration is to promote and publish the artists it supports by promoting their work in public collections.

  • 28, Mazelle
    57000 Metz
+33 6 76 95 44 09