Exhibitor Take Off 2021

Adrián Ibáñez Galería

  • Tabio/Cundinamarca
  • Booth D24

Adrián Ibáñez Galería is located in Tabio, Colombia, in a rural context on the edge of a mountain. Our landscape is the daily life of the countryside between cows, chickens, crops, and peasants. Also permeated by new inhabitants coming from cities that are becoming more and more frequent and by the tourism that visits the savanna, composed of weekend visitors and foreigners who choose the region thanks to its beauty and proximity to Bogotá.

Adrián Ibáñez Galería proposes itself as a window to the world from contemporary art in the rural context. A space for reflection, for the enjoyment of art, for the exchange between artists through their poetics, projects, and processes, an open space nestled in nature that allows its visitors a relationship in harmony with art and artists. A space that coheres socially from the culture of an entire region.

Adrián Ibáñez Galería is dedicated to the reflection, exhibition and dynamization of culture, focused on contemporary art. We believe in the decentralization of the exhibition and practice of the visual arts, in the same way, we pay attention to think of our context as a cultural corridor for an entire region, from the local to the global. Adrián Ibáñez Galería is born from our own experience as artists and our future in the art sector both in Colombia and abroad.

We have had the opportunity to understand the artistic processes and practices, their problems with the exhibition and dynamization of them, hence the idea of having a space platform for artists to exhibit and generate reflection from their most diverse projects, and confront them with the public from other regions and countries.

  • Vereda Juaica Carron
    250230 Tabio/Cundinamarca
+57 312 4174747