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Empreinte atelier de gravure

  • Luxembourg
  • Booth D19

EMPREINTE atelier de gravure a.s.b.l. was founded in December 1994 by 13 engravers. In January 1995 the City of Luxembourg put a room at the disposal of the association at 276, rue de Rollingergrund. The workshop is located in one of the former suburbs of the city, about ten minutes from the city centre and easily accessible by bus. The installation of a first intaglio press (cylinder 80 cm wide) and the basic equipment are financed by the founding members and by a grant from the National Cultural Fund. In the meantime the installation has been completed, including a second intaglio press and a lead type press. The regular support of the Ministry of Culture enables the association to continue the realization of multiple projects.

EMPREINTE attaches great importance to exchange and contact with foreign countries and works closely with the Atelier Bo Halbirk, Paris. Other links, offering possibilities for stays, exhibitions, joint projects, etc. exist with La Fundacion CIEC in Spain, the engravers' association Envers-Endroit in Mâcon (F), the Impressions group in Liège (B), the Belfast Print Workshop, the Atelier Presse Papier in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Kaus Urbino in Italy, as well as the Académie Pata in Lodz, Poland.

Since 1996 EMPREINTE has been offering foreign print artists a scholarship and a two-week residency in Luxembourg. The introductory courses and specialised training courses organized by the association allow participants to acquire or complete their knowledge of printing and engraving techniques. Among those interested in the courses are beginners as well as engravers considering joining the association.

Today, 20 years after its creation, EMPREINTE counts about forty active members who share and keep alive this common workshop, still unique in its form in Luxembourg.

If you are interested in purchasing engravings, please contact EMPREINTE atelier de gravure at the following email address: [atelierempreinte@yahoo.com](mailto: atelierempreinte@yahoo.com). We will put you in contact with the artist concerned of your choice.

  • 276, Rollingergrund
    L-2441 Luxembourg