Art'Loft, Lee-Bauwens gallery, is an art gallery where artworks are showcased in a living space. When you step into this old printing house in Brussels, you are walking into a loft space where art is not only exhibited but also shared. This exceptional configuration allows visitors to discover the works in a living interior while the artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work in a multi-purpose place that focuses on their art. Founded in december 2012 by Minyoung Lee and Gil Bauwens, the gallery's goal is to reveal and promote artists who are mostly coming from the Korean art scene, but also to show European artists works in Korea, through exhibitions or art events. As a curator, Minyoung Lee works closely with art institutions and museums and organizes exhibitions such as TEAF 2014 (Taehwa River Eco Art Festival) in Ulsan, 3rd Identiy Hybrid 2010 in Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Boarding Bridge 2009 in Seoul Kring Kumho Museum, Dissipation and Return 2009 in Seoul Metro Museum, or Age of Fragrance 2008 in Dae-Jeon Asia Museum. Recently, the gallery collaborated with Asad Raza for the first personal exhibition organized by the Boghossian Foundation at the prestigious Villa Empain. An event entirely dedicated to the Korean artist Chun Kwang Young, performed in parallel with the exhibition Chaotic Harmony organized at the gallery. In 2019, as curator with Pooluna Chung (Laurence Geoffrey’s Ltd.) and Ramona Van Gansbeke (GLUON), Min Young Lee organizes the exhibition: Brussels in SongEun: imagining cities beyond 2.0 technology, during the visit of the King of Belgians in Seoul. With artists as Je Baak, Younes Baba-Ali, Pierre Jean Giloux, LarbitsSisters... Today, the gallery repre- sents a group of international artists constituting a broad creative panorama ranging from sculpture to painting and associating them with new media and installation. Korean artists such as Chun Kwang Young, Yun Sung-feel, Jukhee Kwon, Kim Joon, Moon Pil Shim, Nam Tchun-Mo, Kim Hyun-Sik, Sunghong Min, Shim Meekyoung goes along with European artists such as Maurice Frydman, Ode Bertrand, Daniel Pandini, Paola Pezzi, Javier León Perez, Esther Stocker.

  • 36, Rue du Charme
    1190 Bruxelles
+32 2 646 83 00
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