Galerie Netzwerk

The Galerie Netzwerk is a space for art, communication and socio-political and cultural exchange.
In the city centre of Trier, in the middle of the pedestrian zone, visitors and locals have been discovering a place that takes them on a journey for more than a year now. The monthly temporary exhibitions are supported by very different artists, creative people and their personal interactions - running such a gallery is a matter close to your heart.
It is not the commercial aspect that is the driving force, but rather the desire to offer one's city an address that gives artists, mostly regional, the opportunity to convey their artistic message. An exchange is created to bring people together and promote art. An interesting art exhibition is always an incentive and an inspiration and this should be continued... once again, something new can emerge. A meeting place, where thoughts, visions and creative power find expression and where people meet. A house of open culture, where art exhibitions are often mixed with concerts, videos, performances, readings, lectures, discussions or an open workshop - three rooms and a beautiful quiet urban garden are available for inspiration, reflection and communication.

  • 10, Neustrasse
    54290 Trèves
+352 621 566579