Galerie Schortgen

Through its experience, its competent choices, and its ambition to exhibit internationally recognized artists, but also promising talents, the Schortgen Gallery was quickly able to forge a solid reputation in the national and international artistic landscape.
The gallery is resolutely turned towards contemporary art, without however settling on a unique movement, whether figurative or abstract. Its credo is artistic quality in all its enriching diversity.
The Schortgen Gallery shows in the Luxembourg capital a dozen personal exhibitions of selected artists annually. From beautiful works of art by Marlis Albrecht, Marina Sailer, or Patricia Broothaers to Pop Art by Jörg Döring, Paul Thierry, or 3D art by Fazzino. Discover renowned artists like Stéphane Halleux, Corneille, Balthasar Lobo, Gérard Cambon, Madeleine van der Knoop, and many others.
The gallery also regularly organises exhibitions in public places outside our walls and participates in various international art fairs.

  • 24, Rue Beaumont
    1219 Luxembourg
+352 26 20 15 10