Valerius Gallery

Valerius Gallery is a gallery in Luxembourg city, that is focusing on contemporary art by international and local emerging artists.
The gallery is committed to promoting new talents in order to create a fresh cultural exchange with the luxembourgish scene and its collectors and artlovers. With a small but strong roster of emerging artists, from Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, France and Portugal the gallery wants to destinguish and set foot in international markets. We’re fully dedicated to offering support to luxembourgish emerging artists by devoting a large part of our exhibition programme to the exhibitions of Luxembourg artists.
Born of the passion of owner and long-time collector Gerard Valerius, the gallery was founded in 2017. In addition to bringing together new talent, the gallery presents secondary market works, including some of the great names in contemporary art: Bram Bogart, Karel Appel, Corneille, Steven Cohen, Norman Catherine, Yoshitaka Amano, Errò, Günther Förg, Markus Lüpertz, Bernar Venet, Andy Warhol, Zao Wou-Ki and a strong focus on Raymond Hains.
We aim to adopt an open and relaxed approach to contemporary art and exhibition making and want to bring art closer to people with the aim to inspire them and let them be involved in the facetts of contemporary art and the process of discovering new talents along the way.

  • 1, Place du Théâtre
    2613 Luxembourg
+352 691 14 14 14