Luxembourg Art Week 2018


Museums, galleries, concert halls, restaurants, bars, clubs, high-street brands and corner shops: LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK 2017 is teaming up with TRAVELBLOG by Luxair produced by Maison Moderne to bring you the best of the city's cultural and culinary offerings. For a full guide, check out the TRAVELBLOG!

Vins Fins

18, rue Münster

L-2160 Luxembourg

vins fins2

At Vins Fins, François serves vintages produced in organic or biodynamic vineyards, as well as beers and sodas from small-time, non-industrial organic producers. There are also platters of cheese and pork products to be savoured on the premises.

Ënnert de Steiler

2, rue de la Loge

L-1945 Luxembourg


Housed in a building dating back to the 14th century, this pub has been serving drinks since 1842, making it the oldest pub in Luxembourg. Nowadays, the patrons tend to be young, tattooed rock fans, and DJs man the turntables on two floors. The house serves mainly beers and cocktails.


27-29, rue Notre-Dame

L-2240 Luxembourg


The minimalist interior is softened by subtle plays of light which cause the atmosphere to change as the day progresses, with the lighting gradually turning softer as the evening progresses. There is a vast choice of wines by the glass and cocktails.