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Meet Justine Jacquemin, Director, Galerie DYS

We asked a few questions to Justine Jacquemin, director of Galerie DYS in Brussels and exhibitor of the new "Focus Brussels" section in 2020: professional background, gallery programming, participation in the fair, Brussels art scene, and flagship work exhibited this year are in the spotlight in this interview.

The gallery and its programming

I am a bioengineer, and I was for several years researcher in biology, which led me to do field missions in tropical forests for my doctorate and my post-doc. But to use a term related to biology, my natural habitat has always been artistic since I grew up with parents who were painters. My mother founded Galerie DYS 18 years ago, and I took over the leadership of the gallery three years ago now. It was obvious that I would take over, and I don't remember having hesitated for a second since I was involved in the running of the gallery from its inception. Our choices are always demanding since we are looking for a high quality of work and always sincere since we only defend what we like. Galerie DYS has a strong aesthetic identity because we specialise in contemporary inhabited, expressive, and dreamlike figuration, with great affection for work on paper.

Your participation in the fair

Last year, we participated in Luxembourg Art Week and met a mixed audience of collectors, curious people, occasional buyers, and our proposal was very well received. The proximity to Belgium and Brussels is obviously interesting for us since the public we meet in Luxembourg is happy to travel. We, therefore, have the possibility of seeing them again at the gallery. We are happy to participate in this new edition, even if it will be virtual. In any case, this will give visibility to the works of our artists with a quality public.

Artists shown at the fair

We offer a selection of 5 artists of various ages (born between 1949 and 1988), mostly female, working in different techniques: painting, drawing, tapestry, ceramics, photography.

It is about the work of:

  • Jacques Courtejoie (1949, photography)
  • Annabelle Guetatra (1985, drawing and ceramics)
  • Bruno Hellenbosch (1977, painting)
  • KRJST studio (duet, 1988, tapestry)
  • Yasemin Senel (1953, drawing and painting)

Each photograph by Jacques Courtejoie is unique, and the result of several successive photographs, montages, and collages, the last copy of which is enhanced by hand with colored pencils and inks. From his decadent universe emerge a subtle eroticism, a nostalgia for lost loves, and a poisonous ambivalence in which the layman mingle with a devious religious iconography.
Annabelle Guetatra is an artist who works mainly on paper. In watercolor, in pencil, in ink, by integrating glued elements, while transparency, or on the contrary by applying engraving ink, very black, thus offering contrasts of texture, the finesse of line, depth. Always in search of new mediums, she has recently tried her hand at ceramics, which she playfully declines in strange dogs with wheels and pompoms, in human-shaped rattles decorated with bells. Her universe is both sassy and dreamlike, sensual and strange, sensitive and powerful, graceful and fierce.
We present small paintings by Bruno Hellenbosch in which overlays of colors, subjects, and patterns are mixed.
KRJST Studio is a duo of two young artists who create magnificent contemporary tapestries. I will also present small works on paper and canvas by Yasemin Senel, an artist who has developed over time personal mythology rich in references with powerful female characters.

The Brussels art scene

Brussels is both a place of history, with rich art history and good art schools, as well as a crossroads through which many young Belgian and foreign artists pass through and where they meet. All this diversity with good energy, great simplicity in human relations, and proximity to other countries makes Brussels really dynamic in terms of creation.

Flagship work on your booth

We are delighted to present MEDUSA a beautiful tapestry signed KRJST studio.

KRJST, Medusa, 2020, cashwool cotton mohair nylon paper rafia wool, 200 x 235 cm. Photo by Sébastien Delahaye

KRJST Studio, founded in 2015, is a duo of two young Belgian artists who make contemporary tapestries. Each tapestry is the result of a long process of graphic research, reflection on materials, relief, texture, transcription in the woven form of a work which is previously worked in 3D with pastel, aerosol, the glue… The image is decomposed, dissolved, transformed by the interwoven wefts. The result is a large, rich, and lush tapestry, fin de siècle and yet eminently contemporary. Their works are usually richly colored. MEDUSA (200 x 235 cm, 2020) has the particularity of being almost monochrome, in different shades of white which highlight the materials used, paper, wool, mohair, raffia, nylon ... The tapestry is entirely re-embroidered and reworked by hand, which makes it a unique work.