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Meet Nuno Lorena, Artist, Nosbaum Reding Projects

Ask Nuno Lorena to tell you about him, his art, he will answer you: I’m a painter.

He feels that there is nothing more to say. But he's watching, Nuno. He watches for the light, the exchanges and the details of every being. Then he transcribes, in his own way, what he has gathered from us.

The Portuguese painter, who landed recently in Luxembourg, approaches his paintings with serenity. His work is fair, graceful, controlled. Poetic too, when the artist decides to apply gilding to reproduce the constellations on his last commission.

His keen eye is just as good at photography # fujix100t. From this first interpretation, he will endeavor to apply each brushstroke on his painting.

Do not miss the exclusive video realised by 1535° Creative Hub in Differdange.

Also, discover artworks by Nuno Lorena, on display on Nosbaum Reding Projects booth in the online catalogue of the fair.