Prix Art in situ OAI

The Art in Situ OAI project is part of a broader awareness campaign that aims to better and creatively integrate art into constructions and public spaces, notably by the public sector following relevant legislation.

Pierre Hurt, director of the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers, recognizes that the cultural sector has been particularly affected by the health crisis. COVID-19 has highlighted the need for culture for our living together. It is essential to put in place measures to support artistic creation as culture brings us together!

Plastic artists inevitably face the spatial arrangement of their works in predefined sites/places. Their creations extend free from traditional media and techniques. In-Situ work that interacts with the surrounding space and leads to a more interactive reflection with its audience has become the standard for all contemporary creation. That is how the 1st Art In Situ OAI competition was launched, in collaboration with the da Vinci asbl and the Contemporary Art asbl and under the high patronage of Mrs. Sam Tanson, Minister of Culture.

The project consists of hosting a temporary installation at the OAI / Forum da Vinci headquarters. The OAI agrees to pay for the production of the selected project and the artist's fee. The amount of the ART In Situ OAI prize is € 10,000 per winner. The work will remain the artist's property, and the artist will retrieve it after the installation dismantling. During the artist's exhibition, he/she is also committed to a series of 2 conferences dealing with the artist's approach, the work, and In Situ issues. The creative process and the work will be documented by a film and a publication (print and online).

The jury, composed of Su-Mei Tse (artist), Trixi Weis (artist), Christian Mosar (curator), Josée Hansen (art critic), Marie Lucas (architect and president of the jury), Giles Christnach (engineer), Danielle Igniti (curator) and Claudine Hemmer (Ministry of Culture) took into account, in particular, the candidates' note of intent in terms of originality, formal, meaningful and coherent relevance, and the way to proceed to respond to the context of premices and occupants.

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