Nge Lay, Endless Story 1 , Photography, Fine Art Print on Archival Paper, Limited edition of 5, 91.44 60.96 cm, 2013


Nge Lay

Endless Story 1, 2013

Artist Nge Lay has seen Myanmar ( formerly Burma) go through rapid changes. Born in 1979, Nge Lay was just a child when a 1988 pro-democracy uprising was violently repressed by the military regime. In the decades since, the country has continued to experience harsh crackdowns while also opening up its borders to new markets and cultures. Nge Lay has dedicated herself to capturing Myanmar's changing society through her photography, performances, sculptures and installations. In Endless Story, a series started in 2012, Nge Lay combines photographs of early 20th-century Myanmar with new portrait photos which she staged to echo the original. On February 1, 2021, a military coup threw back the country back into the dark days of junta rule. Excerpt of an interview by Joe Freeman in Tricycle, Summer 2021

91.44 x 60.96 cm

2 000,00 €