Mayco Naing, Freedom From Fear, Identity of Fear 11, Photography, Fine Art Print on Archival paper, limited edition of 5, 2014


Mayco Naing

Freedom From Fear, Identity of Fear 11, 2014

Mayco Naing is a contemporary visual artist born and living in Myanmar. She began her photographic career working in a small photo studio in Yangon and has gone on to exhibit her socially inspired fine art photography at various art festivals and biennales, including the Lyon Biennale; the Bangkok Biennale; Photography Festivals in Lishui and Dali in China, Bangkok, India and Colorado. Alongside her personal photographic projects, Mayco Naing works with Yangon Photo Festival, Myanmar’s largest annual photography event, since 2011. One of her main roles is assisting with the teaching of photography throughout the country, particularly in areas with little or no access to photographic education.

Her portrait series, entitled Freedom from Fear, Identity of Fear, captures the Zeitgeist of the Burmese generation born around the time of the 1988 revolution, raised with little education, conservative values, and coming of age under a repressive military regime. The current situation gives a new poignant relevance to this series.

120 x 91 cm

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