Chuu Wai Nyein, Mythical Reclaim 2, Acrylic on Traditional Fabric, 91 x 31 cm, 2018


Chuu Wai Nyein

Mythical Reclaim 2 , 2018

Chuu uses Burmese traditional women’s longgyi (pieces of fabric used as long skirts) as her canvas to challenge the traditional idea that women’s clothes should not hang with men's, because this could make them lose their virility. By painting on traditional fabric, she questions the traditional role that has been imposed on women. The fabric background expresses a rebellious spirit against the customary stereotypes in Myanmar. They are teasing an audience who believes that women are weak and dependent. Moreover, the woman’s face expresses pride and dignity, while she strives to push the boundaries created by social norms.

91 x 60 cm

950,00 €