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Sound Without Music : le potentiel du son dans l'art contemporain

Sound Without Music is a new project which examines the relationship between sound, art and music, and the way it has evolved in recent artistic practices tha téove between or beyonf categories and in-between fiction, fiel recording, dialogue, soundscapes, silence and distortion. It puts both emerging and establishes practices, collectioves and synergies in the spoltight to show how listening to and producing sounds remain key rituals in contemporary society. The project's hybrid format between a permament display of works and an ephermeral programme showcases the freedom of experimentationa nd the cross-contamination between disciplines.

The interdisciplinary programme that precedes and complements the exhibition will be gradually unfolding through concerts, performances, DJ-sets, and screenings.

Tous les événements sont gratuits et se déroulent au Casino Luxembourg. Pour info et réservation de billets :

Artistes : Thomas Ankersmit, Hans Beckers, His Fable, Lorenz Lindner (Molto), Andrea Mancini, Passepartout Duo, Puck Schot (Acidic Male), Anna Raimondo, Sensu, United Instruments of Lucilin

Commissaire d'exposition : Anastasia Chaguidouline