EK_HC3.7_155x96x23-face (2)
Evrard & Koch, courtesy of the artist and Galerie Lazarew. Photo Thomas Bresteau


Evrard & Koch

Hors cadre #3.7 , 2018

Wooden cardboard, mirror, acrylic & pigments

For Frame/Out series, started in 2015, Evrard & Koch duet reveal an unclassifiable work, that combines architecture, painting and sculpture. The white surface is broken up, revealing in its spine powerful pigments that refract on the wall or on the integrated mirrors, thus creating a multiface artwork that changes depending on the angle of view. Always minimalist with a front view, white or black pigments and mirror give rhythm to the surface as we move around, while colors secretly palpitates in the heart of the artwork and spread outside.

155 x 96 x 23 cm

12 000,00 €