Guided tour: Na casa do corpo, Nicoleta Sandulescu (FR)

Centre Culturel Portugais - Camões

** From October 22, 2021 to January 14, 2022, the Portuguese Cultural Center presents the exhibition "Na casa do corpo" (In the house of the body) by the Moldovan artist based in Portugal Nicoleta Sandulescu. **

In “Na casa do corpo”, the house is the place where the body acts while the space stimulates the body. It is a question of inhabiting the house but also of inhabiting the body. The house and the body seem to combine into a single entity. What binds them is the presence of the other. The house then becomes a territory for the exercise of freedom and intimate experimentation. This brings together a vast collection of possible images of being, multiple and changing images which, in the same way, illustrate the impermanence of being.

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Nicoleta 1
Untitled, 2020, mixed media on paper, 125 x 140 cm