Private visit: Sounds without Music (FR)

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Recently there has been a growing interest in scores within the realm of contemporary art. Musical scores have been compared to 'concepts' that might or might not need interpretation or execution, or that in turn can be executed in a variety of ways. In 1966, Meyer Kupferman wrote Music Without Sound, an experiment based on a diagrammatic approach to the organisation of sound where music is meant to be read rather than listened to. This triggers the question of what then defines sound separately from music. Is it its defying chronology and temporality? Is it its presence; can you feel it?

Sound Without Music is a reflection on different roles and textures of sound in contemporary art, and the various ways sound can be carefully heard or deeply listened to. This project puts both emerging and established practices, collectives and synergies in the spotlight to show how listening to and producing sounds remain key rituals in contemporary society. Breaking the convention of an exhibition of things, the hybrid format between a permanent display of works and an ephemeral programme will showcase the freedom of experimentation and the cross-contamination between disciplines.

Artists: Thomas Ankersmit, Hans Beckers, His Fable, Lorenz Lindner (Molto), Andrea Mancini, Passepartout Duo, Puck Schot (Acidic Male), Anna Raimondo, Sensu, United Instruments of Lucilin

Private visit with Anastasia Chaguidouline, curator

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