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Elie Schönfeld, a passionate collector and patron of the arts, founded Schönfeld Gallery in Antwerp in 2015. Three years later, the gallery found a new home at Rivoli Brussels, a building from the 1970s. Today, the gallery is part of a vibrant group of fifteen galleries. 

 Schönfeld Gallery works with young and old, promising and renowned, national and international artists. With a penchant for the unconventional, the gallery presents bold work from various disciplines, while paying special attention to work on paper and the research into the artist as a draughtsman.

 In order to support each artist sufficiently, the gallery purposely opts for long-term relationships and a small group of represented artists. Working intensively with her artists, Greet Umans, director and driving force of the gallery, seeks out suitable contexts for their work. Focussing on institutional activities and international exchange, she guides the artists through projects such as exhibitions and publications. Open communication is essential for this kind of partnership. Therefore, the gallery’s future is mapped out in conversation with the artists.

 Transparency plays, likewise, a central role in Schönfeld Gallery’s communication with the audience. Through a programme of temporary, multidisciplinary projects initiated by the gallery’s artists, artist talks, performances, and an art bar, the gallery provides space for research and experimentation, while offering viewers the opportunity to closely follow the development and growth of the artists’ oeuvres.

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