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Nosbaum Reding gallery was founded in 2001 by Véronique Nosbaum and Alex Reding. Located in the historic centre of Luxembourg, it operates two separate yet adjacent exhibition spaces which allow for simultaneous presentations.

Since its inception the gallery has been focussing on young artists from Luxembourg and neighbouring countries, shown alongside internationally established artists. With a strong emphasis on figurative and conceptual painting, its programme of exhibitions embraces a wide range of artistic practices including video, photography, sculpture- and installation-based media.

Nosbaum Reding has always been keen to promote emerging artists by producing new work for their exhibitions and supporting them in their exploration of new ideas and concepts. Working from a strong local and regional base, the gallery continuously expands its reach by participating regularly in Europe's main art fairs and frequently collaborates with renowned galleries and museums.

In 2021, Nosbaum Reding opened its first branch in Brussels at 60 rue de la Concorde, Ixelles.

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