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Manifesto for an Art Total, the EAST gallery is an imposing space in the heart of Strasbourg, one the European capital offering a double programming between Contemporary Art and Decorative Arts. It pursues the unique ambition of presenting only rare works and objects, patiently chosen. Defending young artists as well as presenting historical pieces of international significance, the EAST gallery is a stage where the accuracy of a touch, a composition or a radical concept, associated with the precision of a marquetry, are combined, the tension of a forged line or the delicate encounter between two weaves. In a world of art where partitions are in order, the EAST gallery traces transversal paths to offer connoisseurs the right object.

+33 6 30 52 27 19
C13 Artweek2023 Sturm 84
  • 12 Rue du Faubourg de Pierre
    67000 Strasbourg