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The Au Cube (O3) gallery is located in Mâcon (Burgundy, France).

A collector for over 25 years, David Biard is a scholar of the contemporary art scene, which he collects with passion and communicative fervor. In 2019, he made his own the quote: "Vocation is having your passion as a profession" and seized the opportunity to stop working in Medical Biology, to become an agent for the artists he collects and defends. 

Initially, it's his home and his collection that he shares, to present solo shows by "his" artists, where discerning collectors and neophytes alike will flock.

His energy and passion will soon lead him to curate exhibitions in museums and private institutions, as well as advising and accompanying individuals, companies and collectors in their acquisitions, always with the notion of Sharing and Pleasure in mind. 

In 2022, the enthusiasm of artists and collectors encouraged him to open the Au Cube gallery, as an extension of his home.

Galerie Au Cube's guiding principle is just like its collection... passionate. Reflecting her early love of comics, photography and figurative art, she is now more than ever at the heart of the art scene.

This visceral love of encouraging and spotting young artists, its passion and its need to share, resonates with the major international collections that collaborate with Au Cube. 

Today, Au Cube represents 15 artists, confirmed and emerging talents from France and abroad: Gioele Amaro, Idir Davaine, Gaël Davrinche, Vincent Fournier, Louis Granet, Eser Gündüz, Sarah Jérôme, Mathias Kiss, Kosta Kulundzic, Anselme Mc Evoy, Jochen Mühlenbrink, Frédéric Platéus, Eric Pougeau, Abel Tournissoux, Valentin van der Meulen.

He also collaborates with artists from his collection who have become friends and joined internationally renowned galleries: Romain Bernini, Lilian Bourgeat, Daniel Firman, Théo Massoulier, Baptiste Rabichon, Till and Léopold Rabus, Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille.

After less than a year in existence, Au Cube presented a solo show by figurative painter Abel Tournissoux at Art Brussels 2023 in the discovery section, and instigated and curated Vincent Fournier's "Uchronie" exhibition at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris.

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