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EMPREINTE atelier de gravure a.s.b.l. is an artist run, non-profit organisation, and Luxembourg’s only printmakers’ collective.

EMPREINTE was founded in December 1994 by 13 engravers. Today EMPREINTE counts more than forty members, sharing the studio and the facilities, pursuing their personal projects and participating in collective exhibitions in Luxembourg, in the Greater Region and in the EU.

We aim to raise the public’s awareness of original graphic works, to preserve and share our know-how and to bring traditional printmaking to life in a contemporary context.

Our workshop is equipped for traditional intaglio techniques, such as dry point, etching, and aquatint.

We organise introductory and specialized courses on traditional printmaking techniques such as engraving, etching, aquatint, and Hayter, allowing beginners and experienced engravers to acquire and improve their knowledge.

EMPREINTE attaches great importance to international exchanges. Our links with associations and engravers around the world offer opportunities for residencies, exhibitions and joint projects.

Since 1996, we host renowned printmakers for an artist residency, working in the studio and exploring the Luxembourgish art scene.

EMPREINTE is building a collection of original prints by our members, resident artists and international collaborations, documenting the activities and the evolution of the workshop since its creation. The collection comprises more than 300 works and is stored at the national Library (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg BnL) for safekeeping and research.

Participating in LAW Take Off since its inception, we develop each year a new concept allowing a homogeneous hanging for our artists, while highlighting the personality, characteristic subjects and favorite techniques of each. For LAW 23, we present each participating artist with two 30x60 cm prints, forming a set or diptych.

Please contact

EMPREINTE atelier de gravure at atelierempreinte@yahoo.com. for any question about an artist, a work of art or a purchase.

We will put you in contact with the artist of your choice.

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