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49 Nord 6 Est Frac Lorraine

Comment se raconter

Artists: Tony Cokes, Zehra Doğan, Rahima Gambo and Tastuniya Artist Collective, Inner Light, Rory Pilgrim, Gaia Vincensini, Anna Witt and the Jugendforum Gröpelingen

Curator: Fanny Gonnella

What do a departure from binary thinking, the search for an atomic secret and a decaying work of art have in common? All three take contradictory demands and desires propagated by society as starting points to rethink the relationship between the human body and its environment: an ecology of relationships we must reinvent.

Three artists’ individual presentations will coexist within the premises of 49 Nord 6 Est on this exceptional occasion. Pippa Garner is an inventor, photographer, and performer. She diverts/redirects whatever she sees and whatever she uses, rejecting readymade categories — including those related to gender. Having embarked on a quest for an atomic formula potentially nested within his own body, Adelhyd van Bender stubbornly produced works on paper in an inquiry that blends an ecological threat and irrationality. As for Claire Pentecost, she has composted an American flag, initiating a process of degradation in which the soil feeds on a symbol. This fragile work from the Frac’s collection was studied for a year at the Institut National du Patrimoine; the accompanying research is presented alongside the piece, placing it in a new light.

These works explore thresholds, at the junction between invention and rejection of consumer society (P. Garner), between body and chemical formula (A. van Bender), and between earth and nation (C. Pentecost). All of them open unexpected perspectives. In a society based on the cult of innovation, they question with humor — and at times self-deprecation — the means at our disposal to build a future.

Location : 49 Nord 6 Est Frac Lorraine
Discover the cultural agenda of 49 Nord 6 Est Frac Lorraine during Luxembourg Art Week

Rahima Gambo 1
Rahima Gambo, Bird Sound Orientations 2, exhibition view at Kunstalle Bern, 2022. Courtesy of the artist