The Monument

The group includes The Equestrian, Mother with Child, and Old Man

Artist: Atelier Van Lieshout

The sculpture group is a monument to a future war, following the revolution of an impatient, spoiled population and the collapse of society. Subverting the classically styled monument, erected in praise of political and military conquests, this sculpture is infused with the violence and aggression of war and revolution that is never memorialized. The symbolism of the equestrian conquering hero is re-evaluated; here, in the dystopian society, the horse is again the mode of transportation as well as the weapon, and the rider is the murderer, grotesquely holding a head - as prize or weapon - along with fragmented bodies of those trampled and sacrificed. The Monument questions the cultural expression of heroism and its social implications for rulers and those who ruled.

The Monument 
Place de Metz
L-1930 Luxembourg

Dsc 0499
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