De anima lapidum-Ubi est mors victoria tua
Radial Art Contemporain - Estelle Lagarde -Ubi est, mors, victoria tua”

Radial Art Contemporain

Estelle Lagarde

Ubi est, mors, victoria tua - Mort, où est ta victoire ? , 2017

Ubi est, mors, victoria tua ”(Death, where is your victory?) Photograph shot in the Monatère Royal de Brou - France

Estelle Lagarde's work is a plural journey. It is from the encounter with architecture, the apprehension of light and a certain flow of time that the artist's photographic narratives are born, echoes of his own questions which in turn become ours.

His photographic staging questions the appearance of our existences in order to better explore our inner lives. They probe in a dreamlike way, sometimes with humor or offset, the challenges, large or small, of our lives.

The places she captures are real, captured in their raw state. She makes this spatial reality her stage, which she plunges into a dreamlike and disturbing atmosphere whose only positive outcome is light. Diffuse and diaphanous light, chiaroscuro that suggests a way out into the future ...

100 x 80 x 3 cm

Price upon request

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