Caroline von Reden, Director: Objectives and Outlook


While Luxembourg Art Week seeks to remain true to its origins, it recognises the need to grow and extend its reach beyond the regional context. To drive its development and raise the country’s profile as a prime location for contemporary art, it has appointed Caroline von Reden as its new Director of Strategy from this year onwards.

Caroline von Reden lives and works as an arts management consultant in Germany and Belgium. An interim manager and project initiator for various players in the art market since 2007, she has built excellent relationships and networks in Europe and around the world, particularly in America, the Middle East, and Asia.

In 2018, prompted by clients, friends, and colleagues, she established herself as an independent art consultant. Much of her professional experience focuses on the creation, consultancy, and development of platform-type projects, notably through her involvement as head of the VIP and Collectors programmes for the viennacontemporary art fair in 2012/2013, with other clients including the design fair Collectible and Messe Berlin. She was also involved in founding Münzsalon Berlin and Brody House (now BrodyLand) in Budapest and was the European connection for the art club Tofic House in São Paolo, Brazil.

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Caroline von Reden & Alex Reding © Wouter Maeckelberghe

Caroline grew up in a family of artists and entrepreneurs where hospitality, exchange, and dialogue were key values. Immersed in literature, philosophy, religion, and politics, she was brought up in an environment that encouraged her natural curiosity and enterprising nature. At the turn of the millennium, she began studying history and cultural management, while working for start-ups in Munich in her free time. This experience in horizontal management had a long-lasting impact on her understanding of work and the world at large, as it kindled her entrepreneurial spirit while allowing her to fully grasp the potential of cooperation.

As Director of Strategy, Caroline is keen to bring her experience to bear on the development of Luxembourg Art Week in line with the vision of its founder, Alex Reding. By strengthening the ties between all interested parties – museums, art centres, galleries, and artists, as well as economic and socio-cultural players – she aims to increase the fair’s international visibility while bolstering its role as a driving force for the local and regional art scene.

The whole team at Luxembourg Art Week is thrilled to have her on board and looks forward to working with her in the weeks and months to come!