Art Collection Deutsche Börse — Clearstream

In 1999 Deutsche Börse Group started to collect contemporary photography at its headquarters in Frankfurt.

Art Collection Deutsche Börse now includes more than 1000 works, most of them large-size, by over 100 different German and international artists.

As Clearstream was integrated into Deutsche Börse Group in June 2002, the art collection found new exhibition space in The Square in Luxembourg. The pictures add to the buildings’ unique appearance, and are a source of inspiration for staff and visitors alike.

Art Collection Deutsche Börse is not restricted to specific themes. The subject matter on display ranges from landscape and architectural works via interiors and urban settings through to portrait works. The Collection shows several works by individual artists to allow their visual idiom to be conveyed more accurately.

The heart of the Collection consists of extensive series by students from the Bernd Becher master class of the Düsseldorf Art Academy: Andreas Gursky, Axel Hütte, Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff, Jörg Sasse and Thomas Struth. This focus has been expanded and supplemented by new purchases, and works by members of a younger generation stand alongside photographs that are today considered classics of the genre. The Collection is a living body and appears in ever new configurations, thanks to new acquisitions and rehanging of existing works.

Art Collection Deutsche Börse is part of the Company’s corporate culture, reflecting the values that define the Group as a whole: creativity, transparency and innovation. The photography collection has become a part of everyday culture of Clearstream and is an asset to the company, a knowledge and a know-how shared with employees and clients away from the abstract financial world.

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