Banque de Luxembourg Art Collection

The architecture of the Banque de Luxembourg's headquarters (Bernardo Fort-Brescia/Arquitectonica) is protean, singular and defies fashion. It reflects the Bank's cultural activities, as outlined by Philippe Depporter, a member of the Management Committee:

"Our activities in the cultural and artistic field are manifold: we are a historical partner of the City of Luxembourg and its museums, our head office regularly hosts conference cycles, particularly on architecture, and we offer our clients a heritage management service that helps them to protect, enhance and transmit their collections and valuable objects. With regard to our collection of modern and contemporary art, it could be said that the acquisition policy partly reflects the "eye" and the relationship to art of the bank's successive directors. From this point of view, I would not speak so much of a thematic collection as of a set of works acquired over the years and opportunities."

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  • 14 Boulevard Royal
    2449 Luxembourg