Centre d’Art Nei Liicht

Created in 1982 in the former villa of the director of ARBED, the Centre d'Art Nei Liicht was for a long time the one and only place in Luxembourg dedicated exclusively to the art of photography. Over the years, it has been able to offer a representative panorama of classic and modern, Luxembourg and international photography. Today photography has taken its full place in the world of contemporary art and there is no longer any reason to isolate it in a particular space. Thus, the Centre d'Art Nei Liicht is dedicated to the visual arts where visual photography and video art keep an important place. 

The mission of the Centre d'Art Nei Licht is to enable and facilitate access to contemporary art for the public of Dudelange and the surrounding area by offering a diversified national and international program, reflecting the major trends in contemporary art; to provide a launching pad - a platform for expression and experimentation for young emerging artists; but also to stimulate debate, creation and the desire to consume cultural goods.

Opening hours:
Me - Di : 15.00 - 19.00

+352 51 61 21 292

  • 25 Rue Dominique Lang
    3505 Dudelange