Neumünster Abbey — Cultural Exchange Center

The Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Center (neimënster), inaugurated in May 2004 after ten years of restoration work, is located in the heart of the old quarters, on an itinerary which is classified Unesco world heritage.

Located in a spectacular setting, this group of buildings, which have come through four centuries of turbulent history, is now dedicated to cultural projects and is at the same time a marvelous site for grand events.

Within its 12.000 square meters, about 700 such events are organized each year on this site which is open to all and which looks to be a place of exchange by allowing “the dialogue of cultures and the culture of dialogue".

The names of three buildings which make up the Center have special significance. This was done within a context of respect for a past which is pregnant with meaning. Lucien Wercollier gave his name to the Abbey’s cloister, Robert Bruch to the former military hospital and Robert Krieps to the workshop which then became Tutesall.

Opening hours:
Mo - Su: 10.00 - 18.00

+352 26 20 52 921

  • 28 Rue Münster
    2160 Luxembourg