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Arnaud Eubelen

Exhibitions at Luxembourg Art Week (20 – 22.11.2020) No-Man’s-Land and at Casino Luxembourg (19.12.2020 – 21.02.2021) Unified Glare Rating

Arnaud Eubelen (b. 1991 in Liège) works in an artistic no-man’s-land between sculpture and design. He questions our assumptions leading from concept to object and the extent to which we take construction materials for granted. By shifting their use and context, he reappropriates and enhances the industrial building stones of our world, highlighting their intrinsic qualities and values.

Viewing the streets of our man-made environment as hardware stores or, as he puts it, a matériauthèque (materials library), he subtly rewires and rewrites the urban context by means of material layering, each layer encompassing different narratives and lives.

Masquerading as everyday objects, his works disregard established codes and divert materials from their intended use. They pertain to the world of design yet are made from repurposed industrial elements. Arnaud Eubelen’s unique creations, singular in appearance and identity, bridge gaps between art and the object in a manufactured world.

Upon the invitation of Casino Luxembourg and ahead of his exhibition in December, Arnaud Eubelen will present the installation No-Man’s-Land at the Luxembourg Art Week from November 20 to 22, 2020.

Curator Kevin Muhlen

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