Au-delà de la toile : l’art de collectionner

In collaboration with Eeckman Underwriting / M-Brokers

Beyond the Canvas: The Art of Collecting

Art Talks


Eric Hemeleers (Chief Executive Officer Eeckman Underwriting)

Guest speakers:
Marc Gubbini (Architect and Art lover)
Aude Lemogne (Managing Director Link Management)
Emmanuel Van de Putte (Senior Director, Managing Director Sotheby’s Belgium & Luxembourg)
Martine Schreiner (Chartered leader M-Brokers)


In a world where art transcends geographical barriers, artists give free rein to their ideas, express emotions, and share cultures without constraints. Works of art, a true universal language, resonate at the heart of humanity.

As for collections, they take on an incomparable singularity. Shaped over time, they embody the experiences of those who have patiently assembled them. Each work that composes them becomes an inseparable piece of the lived and personal history of its creators.The development of a collection requires a deep understanding of the works, finesse in reading the art market, and special attention throughout the process. Adopting a long-term perspective is essential.

In the complex landscape of international art, the symbiosis between artists and collections remains a timeless duo. Together, they transcend borders, fuel our collective imagination, and lead us to a deeper understanding of our shared humanity. Daily management ensures that this artistic heritage continues to inspire and awe future generations.

For the collector, the motivations behind their choices deserve exploration. Through their collection, it's their personal story that unfolds through each piece. The art advisor, in turn, reveals their perspective by shedding light on the delicate process of artistic selection, where passion meets strategy. We will also delve into the evolution of the market through auctions and contemporary trends. Finally, the insurance broker, as a discreet but essential actor, will highlight the crucial importance of heritage preservation.

Through this conference, "Beyond the Canvas: The Art of Collecting," we will explore the questions to ask when building a collection, the challenges of its daily management, and how works of art contribute to shaping our understanding of the world.

Marc Gubbini
65 years old, is an architect and has been practicing this profession in Luxembourg since 1985. He became interested in and passionate about art from his adolescence, and over time, he and his wife Diane have increasingly become art enthusiasts. Highly receptive to various artistic movements and techniques, he has consistently supported active artists in diverse fields such as painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography, media, video, neon, etc., both in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and internationally. Marc Gubbini recommends that anyone interested should fully take advantage of the opportunities provided by other art enthusiasts, whether in museums such as MUDAM, the Casino, Konschthal Esch, to name a few, or at events like the Luxembourg Art Week, galleries, and other institutions through the activities they organize and offer...everything is possible, the offerings are there, you just have to seize the opportunity and fully enjoy it.

Aude Lemogne
Since Aude Lemogne co-founded LINK Management in 2009, she has been advising private clients on the constitution and management of their art collections. She is a trusted advisor for private banks on various art-related issues, such as valuations and due diligence and has set up multiple post-war and contemporary art collections. Aude Lemogne is also a member of the advisory board of the Responsible Art Market Initiative (RAM) in Geneva, that establishes and implements best practices for the art trade. Aude Lemogne herself has been collecting contemporary and post-war art for 15 years, with a keen interest in women artists.

Emmanuel Van de Putte Born in Antwerp and holds a degree in Political & Social Sciences. Over the course of his career, which spanned cities such as Brussels, Paris, London, Madrid, and Geneva, he has earned a solid reputation as an expert in 19th Century Painting and Impressionist & Modern Art. He has cultivated strong relationships with international collectors. His journey in the art market began as the Director of Lempertz' Brussels office. In 2006, he assumed the role of specialist in Impressionist & Modern Art at Christie’s. He spent two years in Geneva as the Managing Director of Chester Collections, a company focused on the management of private art collections. Since 2013, he has held the position of Managing Director at Sotheby’s Belgium and Luxembourg. Emmanuel's extensive pan-European experience and renowned expertise have allowed him to forge close connections with numerous significant collectors across various domains, making him a vital contributor to Sotheby’s major European auctions. Additionally, Emmanuel Van de Putte serves on the scientific committees of various foundations, he is also an accomplished author, with his recent publications encompassing two books about painters from the 19th and 20th centuries: "French Naturalist Painters (1890-1950)" and "Les Peintres de la Forêt de Soignes, Jardin de Bruxelles (1890-1950)."

Eric Hemeleers
Graduated in Business Engineering from UCL, Eric Hemeleers began his professional journey in 1993 as a Production Assistant at Arias International. His first years in the pharmaceutical sector with Union Chimique Belge honed his expertise before transitioning into a role as a Consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers. In 1998, he joined the family-owned company Léon Eeckman SA, a brokerage specializing in art insurance. Since then, as the Chief Executive Officer alongside his brother Marc Hemeleers, Eric has infused a new energy into the company, perpetuating the family tradition in support of arts and culture. Under his enlightened leadership, Eeckman has provided significant support to numerous artistic projects, including the establishment of the Eeckman Art Prize. Beyond his professional commitments, Eric holds various positions within cultural, artistic, and museum institutions.

Martine Schreiner
Martine Schreiner is an insurance broker in Luxembourg with over 25 years' experience in providing insurance services to companies and individuals. Her clientele also includes a large number of collectors of art, jewellery and classic cars. Always eager to provide her customers with the most comprehensive service, she accompanies them step-by-step, from drawing up their inventory, expert appraisal, advice on preventive measures, subscribe an insurance coverage, and of course support and assist in the event of a claim.

David Teniers the Younger Archduke Leopold Wilhelm van Habsburg in his picture gallery in Brussels (between 1647-1651)