Bridging Art and Education: Interactive Strategies for Engagement


Location: Art Talks
English (key-note) and French (round table)

Charles Wennig (Curator, Executive Assistant Konschthal Esch)

Guest Speakers:
Claire Flammang (Professor, Pedagogical and Technological Innovation Division, Learning Materials Development Division, SCRIPT - Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques)
Sandrine Guivarch (Director Fondation Sommer)
Emily Nelson (Learning and Access Officer Leeds Museums & Galleries)
Joseph Tomassini (Lycée des Arts et Métiers)


Bridging Art and Education: Interactive Strategies for Engagement is the Art Talk that closes the cycle of Luxembourg Art Week 2023 conferences.
A unique conversation that explores the synergies between and across the sectors of art and education. This talk delves into the transformative potential of art to inspire and enrich the lives of young students. What are the strategies that encourage cross-sector collaboration? How can we foster access to art, and seamlessly integrate it into school curricula? In what way can we establish a profound and local connection with the world of art? The conference will revolve around these key interrogatives, with an engaging format that uncovers the insights from cutting-edge international and local realities.

Among these is the Leeds Museums & Galleries School Membership Scheme. Luxembourg Art Week is pleased to have, as a guest speaker, Emily Nelson. Emily Nelson will share insights into the know-how and best practices of the Leeds curriculum - winner of the Children in Museums Award 2022. This project supports the School Membership scheme, which is designed to motivate and equip schools with the know-how to incorporate objects into the learning process. Through this membership scheme, schools gain access to object loans by the museum, workshops, and training courses. Additionally, the membership scheme offers specialized training for teachers on how to utilize museum objects in the classroom, invites to vernissages, and tailor-made courses that span six hours.

This state-of-the-art keynote paves the ground for the round table discussion between speakers Joseph Tomassini and Sandrine Guivarch. Together, they will explore the perspectives, best practices, and the cross-sectorial dialogue between art and education in Luxembourg. The discussion will revolve around the pilot project on artist residencies in schools, developing an innovative vision and cooperation between the public and private sectors to empower young people and children in Luxembourg. The speakers will ponder on alternatives to traditional forms of learning and the potential of artist residencies in schools.

An integral part of this discussion is the remarkable collaboration between Fondation Sommer and Lycée des Arts et Métiers: a new experiment of artist residency with artist Emma Dupré at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers - currently in a research residency at Casino Display. The panel will further delve into the importance of introducing children to art, igniting their creative expression, and nurturing meaningful relationships between children and artists. This initiative aims at heralding a new perspective in the Luxembourg education system and seeks to introduce children to the world of art and culture, establishing connections between artistic practices and other domains of knowledge. By offering alternative approaches to learning that stimulate the senses, curiosity, imagination, creativity, and expression, this endeavor aims to cultivate students' aesthetic judgment and enhance their creative and expressive potential.

As Fondation Sommer is at the fore-front of this pioneering journey, the conference serves as a platform for dialogue and exchange to further the cause of art in education. A necessary conversation opening up pathways to innovation, inspiration, and the empowerment of the young minds of Luxembourg and beyond.

Emily Nelson Emily Nelson is Learning and Access Officer at the Leeds Discovery Centre, part of Leeds Museums and Galleries. As part of her role, she runs the award winning Leeds Museums and Galleries Primary School Membership Scheme, which works closely with schools to loan out objects from the collection as well as supporting them with developing their curriculums to embed local and diverse histories. This is supported by the award winning Leeds Curriculum, a collection of local teaching resources accessible from teaching website

Sandrine Guivarch Director of Fondation Sommer, Sandrine Guivarch holds a doctorate in political sociology. She worked in the academic world in France for ten years before moving to Luxembourg in 2006. She was deputy director of the Institut Pierre Werner for 5 years, then director of the Fontières festival in Thionville for 3 years, then head of sponsorship and partnerships at Handicap International for 8 years. She took up her position at the Sommer Foundation in June 2022.

@ Lycée des Arts et Métiers