Cercle Cité


Artists: Simone Decker, Florence Haessler, Alexandre Lavet, Ugo Li, Jieun Lim, Puck Verkade, Bea de Visser and Trixi Weis

Curator: Anastasia Chaguidouline

Curated by Anastasia Chaguidouline, Hors-d'œuvre focuses on the theme and metaphor of food in contemporary art. This motif is omnipresent in art history and remains a relevant subject today. The exhibition will present a selection of works by artists from the Benelux and Greater Region - photographs, paintings, performances, installations, and videos - whose forms, structures, materials, and concepts explore the theme of food in an original, critical, and playful way, through notions of enjoyment, waste, pollution, addiction, migration, and gender roles. 

Hors-d'œuvre will be shown at the Cercle Cité Ratskeller from 20 October 2023 to 21 January 2024, in parallel to the All you can eat exhibition at the Lëtzebuerg City Museum from 6 October 2023 to 14 July 2024. The exhibition will be accompanied by a rich and diverse programme of events, including lectures, workshops, tastings, and cooking demonstrations. Other highlights will include a performance by the artist Noé Duboutay and a festive finale with a concert by the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra, accompanied by a show cooking by Anne Faber.

Location: Cercle Cité
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Simone Decker Chewing In Venice 2 Chewing Gum Dei Giardini 1 1999 Collection Mudam Luxembourg
© Simone Decker, Chewing in Venice 2, Chewing gum dei Giardini 1, 1999, Collection Mudam Luxembourg