Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'Art Contemporain

Luxembourg Art Week Opening Night

Performances + Afterparty

Artist(s) Betty Apple / Social Dis Dance
Curator(s) Amy Cheng / TheCube Project Space & Forum Music Festival, Taipei

Dancers and photographers are invited to create whimsical live images. Queer photographer Chien Wen Lin, up-and-coming choreographers Lee Chin-Chieh and Dylan Song, and VJ One Spicy, who is an expert at weaving and image design, as well as several drag queens, are all invited to collaborate in creating the multivariate creative scene. 

Betty Apple (born in 1986, lives in Taipei) is a Taiwanese avant-garde artist. She graduated from the Taipei National University of the Arts Department of Theatre Arts and the Graduate School of New Media Art. Her works are inspired by rave, subculture, avant-garde theatre, new media film, and post-Internet art. She often expressed her creative concept of “body politics” through various identities including that of electronic music artist, sound art performer, live artist, DJ, and rave organizer. She is also the founder of the performance group ArtKB48. 

Social Dis Dance was created during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 by Betty Apple, Viktor Lin (art director of A COPY OF A COPY), and Hoser Huang (Vacuum Communications Interior Design). Through electronic music (especially industrial techno music), Social Dis Dance has opened a new style of Cyberpunk in Taiwan. Lead singer Betty Apple uses the creative style of sound art to create slices of electronic punk, while Viktor and Hoser create works by transforming the space into an electric sampler. The musical arranging process starts with an impromptu and gradually develops imaginations of the future internet into a sound space. 

Amy Cheng (lives and works in Taipei) is an art critic and independent curator. She is the founder of TheCube Project Space in Taipei, which opened in 2010.

TheCube Project Space is an independent art space devoted to the research, production, and presentation of contemporary art. As a non-profit art organization, it aims to explore local culture in depth, connect people from diverse backgrounds, and promote cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the international community.

Social Dis Dance at Sonic Shaman: TheCube Forum Festival, Taipei, 2022
Social Dis Dance at Sonic Shaman: TheCube Forum Festival, Taipei, 2022