33, rue Philippe II L-2340 Luxembourg

"No-Man's-Land" guided visit by Arnaud Eubelen

Following the guided tour of L'homme gris in presence of Kevin Muhlen on Saturday 21 November at 17.00, Arnaud Eubelen, Belgian artist outlined by the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain as part of Luxembourg Art Week will also present in 33, rue Philippe II, his carte blanche which was initially planned at Halle Victor Hugo.

Since the first time Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain took part in the Luxembourg Art Week, it has been striving to present exhibitions which explore the relationships between experimentation and artistic production in the framework of a contemporary art fair.

For the 2020 edition of Luxembourg Art Week, Casino Luxembourg has invited Belgian artist, Arnaud Eubelen (born in Liege in 1991, lives and works in Brussels) to invest the space occupied by the art centre in the Hall Victor Hugo. This first exhibition will be followed, a month later, by a second one in the ground floor gallery of the Casino Luxembourg. This double exhibition means the artist can create a project in two stages for two different contexts; on one hand, a cultural event for the general public for the 4 days of Luxembourg Art Week, and on the other hand, a personal exhibition in a contemporary art institution.

The work of Arnaud Eubelen lies somewhere between sculpture and industrial design, and calls into question our relationship with the concepts of works of art and objects and how we take the roles of certain materials for granted. It plays on our understanding of manufactured objects and works of art through re-appropriating various industrial materials and using them in a different context. Through producing objects assumed to be everyday items (chair, lamp, ...) with a new approach to the established codes on materials and proportions, he creates objects which belong to the world of interior design and transforms them into unique works of art made from modified, inexpensive, industrial materials. These pieces question the roles of art, luxury and industrialisation/globalisation.

(Text: Benjamin Munix)

Curator Kevin Muhlen

More information: www.casino-luxembourg.lu