Opening Night

Casino Luxembourg


On the occasion of the Luxembourg Art Week, Andrea Mancini, an artist participating in the group exhibition Sound Without Music, was given carte blanche to propose an evening of sound performances at the Casino Luxembourg.

He has chosen to invite three artists who, like him, come from underground electronic music, a movement that advocates experimentation between sound, body and movement, and emphasises a sense of community and artistic contemporaneity in the use of sound material.

The evening will begin with Mexican virtuoso Vica Pacheco performing a mystical and intimate piece around unique instruments created specifically for this performance. The vibrant Hungarian artist Thea Soti will follow with a vocal performance based on the manipulation and variation of her own voice. Finally, the evening will conclude with a DJ set by Kiernan Laveaux, one of the most creative and daring DJs on the international scene.

21:00 Vica Pacheco

Ana Victoria aka Vica Pacheco was born in Oaxaca, southern Mexico in 1993, she lives and works in Brussels. She studied Art at La Esmeralda in México City before graduating from Villa Arson in 2017. Her artistic work is above all eclectic and energetic, regardless of her sources of inspiration and her concerns for mythological crossbreeding and sincretism, she likes to arrange the most heterogeneous or hazardous elements between them, to produce sound performances and installations. She has a practice rooted in music and sound art, but also a plastic practice going through ceramics (photo) and 3d animation.

22:00 Thea Soti (HU/SRB/DE)

Thea Soti is a multi-disciplinary artist, working within the fields of experimental vocal music, electronic sound, installation, text-based media and video art. She uses digitally manipulated sound, human voice and poetry in various formats, continuously manipulating and processing her own voice. Her pieces often go over the auditive experience and bravely explore space and movement, thus creating dynamic spaces. She often reflects on current socio-political issues, such as modern escapism, non-binary identities, beauty myths or collective fear.

23:00 – 01:00 Kiernan Laveaux (USA)

Kiernan Laveaux is a non-binary trans energy conduit & ecstatic beat conductor from the Great Lakes. Originating as one of the driving forces behind In Training, a long running queer event series founded in Cleveland Ohio in 2014, she materialized through the rhythms of life & her loved ones that reflect the rustbelt environment she was birthed from. Inspired by her friends, the experimentalism and joy found within midwestern electronic music, and the forces that gifted her the name Kiernan Laveaux, she's since embarked on a lifelong journey of communicating through the mother beat.

Free entrance