Casino Luxembourg

Opening Party

Casino Luxembourg has entrusted LAGERKULTUR with organising the opening party of the fifth edition of Luxembourg Art Week. DJs Elias Mazian and DJ SAAB93 invited by the collective will take turns behind the decks. For the "concert" part, Casino presents the duo Figure Section, whose new EP (Spectre) releases on the aufnahme + wiedergabe label.

FIGURE SECTION arose from the meeting of Austrian-French musician and actress Olivia Carrère - aka Olive - and Belgian artist and producer Yannick Franck (RAUM, Orphan Swords, Mt Gemini), who first crossed paths on a theatre stage in Brussels. Initially working together on scores for plays and performances, these first collaborations revealed a dynamic of liberating creativity between them. Subsequently bonding over a mutual appreciation of Cold Wave, Synth Pop and EBM, the inception of a duo rooted in chemistry and complimentary fascinations became a compelling pursuit. Although founded on an acknowledgement of these styles, their execution is experimental, idiosyncratic and entirely modern in spirit, guided by an intent to revise their influences and an approach shaped by romanticism and a surreal, Dadaistic sense of humour.

Dutchman of Moroccan origin, ELIAS MAZIAN is a firm fixture on Amsterdam's club circuit. He openly admits to being passionate, emotional and sensitive, and it shows in his DJ sets which take inspiration for the music around which he grew up – Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder – as well as from more contemporary flames like Omar-S, Zip and Beautiful Swimmers. To date he has played venerated night spots like Concrete, Sub Club, Le Sucre, Institut Fur Zukunft, Nitsa, Objekt Klein A and many others.

Born in Luxembourg to a Luxembourgish-Russian family, Max Havé alias DJ SAAB93 always had an affinity for music in general. In his early youth he got into the lo-fi House spectrum by virtue of 80'/90's hip hop, that soon became his go-to genre.

LAGERKULTUR is a multifaceted project whose primary objective is to establish a progressive music scene in Luxembourg by promoting alternative electronic music. The central activity of the project consists in setting up events at unfamiliar sites and ultimately gathering people in an artistically elaborate environment. In the same way, the collective aspires to include multiple art forms into the project’s activity, as its intention is to provide a creative platform to artists of any field. Furthermore, LAGERKULTUR doesn’t limit the execution of events to one specific location as it believes that it can incorporate various spaces into the project.

21:30–22:30: DJ SAAB93 (DJ set)
22:30–23:30: Figure Section (Live concert)
23:30–00:30: DJ SAAB93 (DJ set)
00:30–03:00: Elias Mazian (DJ set)

Free entrance

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain
08.11.2019, 21:00–03:00

06_Figure Section @ Kravat 2019