Pierre Werner Prize 2020

The Pierre Werner Prize is awarded to a work exhibited at the annual Salon. This prize may be awarded to any artist, member or non-member of the Cercle Artistique, exhibiting at the Salon.

Artists Lisa Kohl and Filip Markiewicz received the Pierre Werner Prize at the annual Salon du CAL in 2020.

file Lisa Kohl, Sleepers 2. Photo: Lisa Kohl

"Sleepers by Lisa Kohl, rewarded by the Pierre Werner Prize, is a series of three photos taken in the streets of Los Angeles in 2020 that questions the contradictions between private and public, visibility and invisibility, notions of anonymity and privacy. The fabrics or canvases photographed act both as protection, but also as a revealer of social realities. Lisa Kohl will participate in the Rencontres d'Arles in 2021 as part of Lët'z Arles." - Paperjam

file Filip Markiewicz, Antigone. Photo: Filip Markiewicz

"As for the work of Filip Markiewicz, Antigone is an oil on canvas which obviously refers to the world of theater, a discipline dear to the artist, who does not hesitate to intervene both on stage and in the exhibition rooms. Last October, he had precisely staged Antigone, a tragedy by Sophocole, at the Staatstheater Cottbus, and this painting, which is part of a series, was like a work of anticipation to the representation which has as subject the idea of failure and fragility of our contemporary society. It is therefore not surprising that this work is rewarded, because it is at the same time very representative of the work of Filip Markiewicz and revealing of the questions linked to our time " - Paperjam

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Filip Markiewicz and Lisa Kohl have been awarded the Prix Pierre Werner 2020. (Photo: CAL/ Henri Goergen)