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Sticky Flames, Bodies, Objects and Affects

Sticky Flames is a group exhibition with works by five young graduates from three art schools in the Greater Region and Brussels, realised in collaboration with Mnemozine, a young philosophical-artistic association. The overarching theme encompasses questions about the body and affect as a concept that is, among others, philosophical, epistemological, social-theoretical and aesthetic.

The body is a direct carrier, executive means and producer of social orders. Affective forces and their bodily expressions are subject to a relationship of tension between history and the present public sphere, social contexts and the individual. In their areas of friction, transformative spaces for reflection and action open up in real as well as virtual worlds (such as in sociality, the media and social media), in which existing relationships, systems of order and patterns of thought are questioned, but in which social connectedness is also revealed.

Forms of mobilization, resistance and empowerment, for example body language, feminist and LGBTQIA+ activism, as well as the social and individual confrontation with, among other things, vulnerability, insecurity, fears and depression react to body ideals and entrenched normalities and direct the gaze towards the Other. Collectively, a shared human (fluid body) experience is reproduced, which is intended to stimulate dialogue among visitors and participants alike.

Artists : Alexandre Caretti (FR, HEAR), Ksenia Khmelnitskaya (FR, HEAR, Strasbourg), Darja Linder (DE, HBKsaar), Jonathan Maus (DE, HBKsaar), Bruno Oliveira (LU, ENSAV La Cambre).

Curators : Nadina Faljic (LU, HBKsaar), Mnemozine

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