Studio Above&Below, Aquateque, A Mixed Reality installation presented by Parallel

Luxembourg Art Week, Corporate Lounge

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AQUATEQUE is Mixed Reality installation which uses visual AI tools and a number of 3D software tools, including Cinema4d, Octane, Redshift and Houdini. The project involved navigating a 200km river in Germany called ‘Ruhr’ through the lens of computer vision. The film shows the river from spring to mouth and explores the term digital ‘material ecology’ in its context. Based on thousands of images and sounds which have been taken from the Ruhr river, a bespoke material dataset has been created to process through two artificial neural networks to dream by working together (or against each other). These formed the hybrid and augmented new landscapes and materials which may emerge in this area one day.

AQUATEQUE aims to get the audience to think about how we will collectively work with machines and ecology in the future within the art, design and technology field. The artists wish to inspire and push how digital material ecologies and modelling of objects could be created and designed using artificial neural networks (AI tools).

Visitors are invited to take away that machine-human-nature collaborations can be very enriching, and unexpected outcomes from software are as valuable as curated content, stretching our understanding of autonomous and non-autonomous systems in this context.

About Studio Above&Below

Studio Above&Below is a London based art and technology practice founded by Daria Jelonek (DE) and Perry-James Sugden (UK) after graduating from the Royal College of Art. Their work combines computational design, speculative storytelling and digital art in order to draw together unseen connections between humans, machines and the environment – working towards better future interactions with our environment. Believing in research based art, Studio Above&Below works with scientists, technologists and communities to push the boundaries of digital media for future living. Over the last years the duo has created ground breaking artworks using immersive technologies such as AR and MR with live data inputs in order to make the invisible visible and give our environment a voice to express itself.