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Tessa Perutz

Curator: Stilbé Schroeder

The works of Tessa Perutz (born in 1988 in Chicago; lives and works in Brussels and New York) function as psychological landscapes, touring the fields and valleys of the earth as well as the inner mind. Her works are a testimony to spontaneous exploration: pinpointed with anecdotes, hasty jottings and existential ponderings, Perutz’ oeuvre is shaped by processes of conceptualization and intuition, organically intertwining & informing one another.

Paintings are echoed in others, mirroring seriality through repeated motifs and evocative use of color. Encapsulating a mixed materiality, botanicals such as sand, lavender, and hibiscus, are incorporated for healing and transformative properties. Her fully immersive exhibitions include installation and furniture, and through these enveloping environments she explores parallels between nature and humankind, referencing the depths of natural worlds and collective memory through direct sensorial cognition, opening up spaces to consider both personal and universal themes of connection and separation.

Tessa Perutz – La Lune Lavande, vue d'exposition, Stems Gallery, 2019
Tessa Perutz – La Lune Lavande, view of the exhibition, Stems Gallery, 2019