Werk und Narrativ - Gespräch mit Ben Greber

In collaboration with Konschthal Esch

Work and narrative

Art Talks


Charles Wennig (Curator, Executive Assistant, Konschthal Esch)

Guest Speakers:
Ben Greber (Artist)
Christian Mosar (Artistic Director, Konschthal Esch)


To coincide with the Green Machine solo exhibition by German artist Ben Greber, the Konschthal Esch has published a new book about his work, with texts by art historian Raimund Stecker.

In this talk, moderated by the exhibition's curator, Charles Wennig, the artist himself and Konschthal director Christian Mosar will explore the importance of literary media in exploring and conveying the narrative aspects of the artist's work. By taking an interest in relics and found objects that are often subliminal, Ben Greber takes an outside look at our society, in which many vital processes have become invisible. Faced with this de-objectification, he creates memory machines, sculptures with an industrial and sacred character, which share his reflections on the excesses of the digitisation of our society.

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